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Star Meats Ltd was founded in 1989 in the North East of England, as manufacturers and suppliers of Doner Kebabs. They operated as a sole trader until 2003, when a limited company was established and all the years of development and experience was acquired by the limited company.

Star Meats Ltd established itself firmly at the forefront of this developing industry using considerable effort and determination.

We are also an active member of the D.M.A. (Defence Management Association), an interface for the Armed Forces worldwide.

Through Star Meats Ltd, the Doner Kebab industry has developed from a heavily labour intensive industry to an industry that now can boast very little human contact with the end product.

This development has numerous advantages:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Contamination
  • Improved Consistency
  • Better Packaging
  • Better alignment of the meat fibres, allowing ease in carving of the meat when cooked
  • Increased stability
  • This system enables HACCP to be implemented with ease
  • Enables better controls i.e. Temperature, moisture, colour, texture, fat, quality and critical control points

Our product range has been introduced into Take Aways, Holiday Villages, Public Houses, Cafés, large catering organisations, supermarkets, schools, colleges, the Prison Service, hotels, hospitals, airlines, cash & carry outlets and many others.

We also produce retail and catering sizes with packaging tailored to our Customer’s specification, with Babek as our leading brand.

It is estimated that there are around 22,000 doner kebab houses within the UK, each of which uses an average of 80kg of meat. Compare this to an average English style café which would typically use only 5-20kg in weight of roast beef per week.

This is an expanding industry particularly in Western Europe, where it is now as common as Indian, Chinese and Italian take-aways. Opportunity of a unique, popular and very competitive product does not always present itself, all our products are unique, Halal and popular which makes them clinching lines to sell with your other products.