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The questions that might pop into your mind.

alternatively, some people also call them as ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ you know.

What are the logistics of Star Meats Ltd?

In the UK, we have National distribution for wholesale and retail with deliveries once per week. Further afield in Europe, there is a minimum order of one pallet. Out side of Europe, delivery is available for full container loads only.

Where can I get prices for your products?

Prices are available on application and will depend on your requirements.

By Email:
Click here to email Babek Customer Service info@starmeats.co.uk

By Phone:

Call to: +44 (0) 191 5864448


What type of meats are used in your products?

We use lamb, beef or chicken.

The product I require is not listed, can it be made?

Yes, we can cater for special tailor made kebabs using different meats and spices. Just inquire and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I receive a sample?

Samples are available, and are given on application.

I am interested in buying, how much will I need?

A rep can call and assess your requirements.

How do I pay for your products?

Payment is usually in advance with bank transfer or credit card. A pre-payment discount may be applied to your order as our way of thanking you for the custom.

Do we accept credit?

Credit can be applied for and set up once insurance has been approved.